Friday, May 22, 2020


...or next May. Whatever. Just sharing music into the void at this point. Clearly don't have much to say lately. Hope y'all passersby are hanging in there.

Or even thriving! Nothing like extended isolation to breathe new life into the introverts and socially awkward among us.  I'm not great at the social stuff and I often work at home anyway, so I'm doing just fine.  Doing some extra gardening, though.  Gonna paint a bench later.  I guess middle age is nigh.

Speaking of the passage of time, here are some songs by a band I really got into this year because they sound like the music I enjoyed at 22 or 23.  That's what this blog is, right?  A few words about mortality and some songs that make me remember when I was young?  Wonder what that means.  No, I don't care what it means, I care if it matters.  It probably doesn't.

Hmm.  Sounds like middle age is going to be existentialist for your friend here.  Time to go stare at a chestnut tree, I guess.


 Other songs after the jump.