Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The 1980s were so very long ago


  1. Topher! I was listening to Motion City Soundtrack playing on Pandora, thinking I wish I picked up on them back from drivingmusic days. Great band. 1 thing I always remember from there is better nate than lever. lol greatest joke ever told. ha. wondering if you were ever able to keep in touch with everyone. be cool if they were all together on discord now or something like that. I have a group that talks about everything and in between in a room thing through twitter, reminds me alot of DM days. hope you are doing well

    1. Hey! Just saw this. Clearly, I don't spend much time with this website anymore!

      Glad to see you found the DM group on Facebook! Most of us are still connected through there, but I certainly miss the old days.