Sunday, January 24, 2021

Wanting to see for myself again

I'm supposed to be prepping for an interview, so I thought I'd share this song I absolutely love.

I have a lot of words about Hum, as I've been a fan for 25 years and this is their first album in 20, but I'll have to save that due to the aforementioned lame reason.  Generally, though, this was my favorite release of the last year.  It took me entirely by surprise, having found out about it about a month after its release.

This is a complex album with some really amazing moments, but this song is the first one that really grabbed me.  I'm kind of beyond the point of telling if an album is "good" or not, but for Hum that's kind of irrelevant to me anyway.  This song hit me like I'd unearthed a favorite song of mine from childhood.  It's just so immediately familiar and personal.  It literally feels like it was lifted from Hum in 1995.  


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