Monday, September 12, 2016

Fucked up kids

After more than a year, I can't get over how amazing this EP is.  It's probably 90% because of Kat Brock.  It's moody, hopeful, reserved.  It rocks out when it needs to, not just because it's a rock album.  It's one of those releases that perhaps won't live up to commercial standards, but all the parts are here.  Not that it needs it, but for some reason I'd love to hear these songs put through a Capitol Records overproduction thing.  Hired violins and bells and shit.  The source material is strong.

Much like everything by Dixie Dirt, this won't get the critical or commercial reception it deserves and is likely limited to a scattering of loyal Knoxville devotees.  While there's something to be said for being loyal to the local, I'd love to see this band blow up everywhere.

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