Monday, September 19, 2016

Remember 90s punk bands?  Ben Nichols of Lucero was heading up this one.  I liked punk rock of this style back in the mid/late 90s, but had wandered off into the indie rock woods in my early 20s.  I think I found out about this band a couple years after getting into Lucero.  So, this always felt like a little throwback for me, although it was always fun to consider the parallels between this band and Lucero.  It's fun to see Lucero playing 'The Outsiders' (starts at around 9:50 in the video) now and then.

Listening to their songs now, I'm stuck by how much 'Unfun'-era Jawbreaker shows up in this.  Particularly those basslines.  It's more 'fun' than 'intense' but you can tell how much of a Jawbreaker fan Ben was.  Although Ben could never hit Blake's lyrical styling, it's never bothered me much because he's always singing from the heart.

The above is the 7", but there's a full album floating around the internet that's worth a listen if you dig those 90s Gilman Street style bands.

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