Saturday, September 17, 2016

Man, I do NOT like No Knife

I was so excited when I first heard about No Knife.  Or saw about them, I guess.  It was their sticker on some piece of equipment at an At the Drive-In show in 2000.  I remembered the name as being hip and edgy and within a day or two I had downloaded everything I could find of theirs (Napster?  Audiogalaxy?  Whatever we used back then.)

I tried to like them.  Oh, how I tried.  Other bands I really liked loved No Knife and toured with them a lot.  They were angular, they were edgy.  They were catchy?  I tried to share them with everyone I knew, just to get some dialogue going about this band.  Maybe if others liked them, I'd like them more?  I don't know.  In the end, I gave up.  I just didn't like them, but I couldn't explain why.

There's just this dullness in their sound that completely turns me off.  You know if you have some piece of fruit -- let's say some yummy blackberries -- and one of them is kind of moldy?  Throwing just the one out isn't an option, you're turned off to the whole pile of fruit.  Best just to throw it all out and get some new ones.  That's how I feel about ALL of No Knife's songs.  They're the moldy piece of fruit.  It's just something in your gut that says, 'oh, gross, no.'

I fucking love me some blackberries, but moldy ones turn me off.  Nothing against mold, it just doesn't fit in with my whole schema, alright?  This is the worst analogy ever, but damned if my feelings about No Knife aren't the same feelings that I have about spoiled food.  Oh, the lost potential!

Some years later, I heard Mission of Burma's "Academy Fight Song" and it made me wonder why/how No Knife has a song called "Academy Fight Song" and it's not a cover, but a totally different song.  They knew, right?  Mission of Burma was pretty popular.  And it's a great fucking song.  How'd they make a song with the same specific name, particularly when their band fits in, at least tangentially, to a scene that's greatly inspired by MoB?

I'm going to listen to that old one to get the taste of spoiled fruit out of my head.  Not sure why I'd share something I don't like on here.  Maybe it's because I'm really supposed to be working on this actual scientific paper, but I don't like it one, either.  It's spoiled fruit of my own making.  Bitter, man.

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